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Onyfix® + Onylux® Starter Set


Onyfix® Nail Correction System - Starter Set

The ONLY ALL-IN-ONE, UNIVERSAL Nail Correction System  for MULTIPLE Nail Dystrophies!

•   Ingrown Nails
•   Involuted Nails
•   Severe Pincer Nails
•   Detached (Onycholytic) Nails
•   Split Nails
•   Petaloid (Accessory) Nails

•   Acute/Chronic Pain Relief
•   Nail Restoration (Unhealthy Nails)
•   Nail Reconstruction (Broken/Partial Nails)
•   Surgical Adjunct:             

             • PNA (Uni- & Bilateral)
             • TNA without Matrixectomy

The Onyfix® Nail Correction System Starter Set contains everything you need to get started with your Onyfix® treatments, including:

Onyfix® (Blue) Kit:

1 x Onyfix® Primer 5ml tube

1 x Onyfix® HARD 4.5g tube

1 x Onyfix® SOFT 3ml tube

Onylux® (Silver) Kit:

1 x Onylux® Blue Light LED Lamp

1 x Onylux® Cannulas (6pk)

1 x Onylux® Spatula S/S

1 x Onylux® Cotton-Tipped Applicators (4pk)

Note: Onyfix® products are only available to professionals who have been certified via the training course. Each individual who wishes to use the Onyfix® system must be certified through the course.

To join our team of certified Onyfix® professionals, please visit our Course Schedule to register for an upcoming class.